Laa citrulline and its properties.

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What is citrulline?

Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid , that is, which our body can synthesize by itself, which apart from performing and being involved in various functions, is one of the most used components in the formulation of pre-training with or without caffeine and together with other amino acids such as BCAAs ´S or Beta Alanine.

Our body is capable of manufacturing it from amino acids such as glutamine.

It is a amino acid with good digestibility. Once it is metabolized in the blood, it reaches the kidneys to be transformed into arginine . This is one of its main functions, in addition to this, it contributes to preserving arterial and muscular health.

Watermelon is one of the only foods in which this amino acid of natural origin can be obtained, from especially relevant way. It usually has an average dose of 15 milligrams per 100 of watermelon.

Its functions within the organism.

Increases nitric oxide production.

Citrulline , being a percussion of arginine, has a series of properties that it attributes to the production of nitric oxide, such as flow regulation blood supply, the supply of oxygen to the different cells of the body or the uptake of glucose.

For all those athletes , they should also know that it influences the recovery and regeneration of tissue muscle damaged during training.

Improvement of cardiovascular health.

arginine works by increasing the vasodilation, reducing stiffness and blood pressure.

In relation to metabolism.

Citrulline decreases insulin resistance due to vasodilation, increases cellular activity.

Elimination of ammonia.

Citrulline intervenes in the process of elimination of certain metabolic wastes. In this case, that of ammonia, the which is produced during physical activity due to the effort and intensity caused. An accumulation of ammonia can increase the feeling of fatigue.

Types of citrulline supplement.

In the market, we can find various types of citrulline available. In addition, it is a common component of other supplements such as those designed to take before training and thus be able to increase sports performance.

L citrulline.

It is the name associated with the amino acid is its purest form, without being accompanied or attached to other molecules. We can find it naturally present in fruits like watermelon.

Its two main functions are: it helps to increase nitric oxide levels, which dilates blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients enter the muscle cells and on the other hand helps the elimination of ammonia present in the blood.

Citrulline Malate.

The only and main difference from the previous one is that it is the result of a combination of citrulline with malate or malic acid.

The Malic acid is a compound present in chemical reactions that take place and are necessary for the production of energy or ATP.

Citrulline malate provides the dual function of bringing that extra blood, and then oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, as well as providing an energy boost to boost performance levels and prevent or postpone fatigue.

Arginine or citrulline supplement?

Let us remember that citrulline is a arginine trigger . We can find both supplements available in the market. They have in common that both are capable of increasing nitric oxide concentrations, acting as a vasodilator and reducing blood pressure.

Despite this, they also have certain differences.

The absorption of citrulline is greater than that of arginine, which can produce and has been proven in certain studies, gastrointestinal intolerance or arterial hypotension. In citrulline supplementation no such side effects have been found to date.

Recommended amount and how to use it.

The effective dose, as with all supplements, is individual for each person applicable to their context. In broad terms, it is usually between 3 and 10 grams.

Each person will present a different tolerance and response. It is recommended to follow the instructions described in the chosen supplement to purchase one or consult a nutritionist or dietician.

It is recommended that you take it an average of one hour before training. It can be combined with creatine, glutamine or caffeine to enhance its effects. During training, it will increase the pumping sensation and the visibility of the veins in those with a low percentage of fat.

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