Home workout: Adjustable dumbbells.

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Training at home is an option that is increasingly contemplated by all people who want to do physical activity and prefer not to go to a gym, a training place, either for the tranquility of training In its own space, the savings in time that it implies as well as the flexibility of hours.

Having the right material to progress is of vital importance, since our body weight allows us to reach a certain limit, and it is necessary to add external loads if we want to continue progressing.

A very practical and comfortable piece of equipment is adjustable dumbbells. They are recommended to all those people who have limited space and who prefer their comfort and versatility before other types of equipment.

They are composed ab ase of individual pieces that you can adjust to increase or reduce load. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners due to the progressions that it allows ..

The materials.

We can find various options regarding the materials used for the manufacture of adjustable dumbbells.

Among them, the most common are usually:

Cast iron: It is the most used material to elaborate and manufacture this type of products since it is resistant and durable. It is one of the most common variants that we can find in gyms,

Chrome: they are similar to dumbbells made of cast iron. They are usually covered with synthetic rubber to facilitate and improve grip, preventing them from slipping from the hands and we can focus more on the exercise technique.

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How they are used.

Adjustable dumbbells allow us to perform in strength training by applying loads progressively that is adjusted to the individual needs and of each training.

The adjustable dumbbells, are a variant of the Conventional dumbbells that we can all imagine, in the next section we will explain the differences, which we have used or seen in gyms, and allow us to increase or reduce the weight, adjust it according to our needs using the same base or load bar. In a same dumbbell we will have different loads.

In its structure, we can inter change the different weights to perform the exercises, from the lightest 2-2.5 kilograms to the highest 20-25 kilograms.

Its main advantage is the saving of space that it supposes, since we will not need large structures to be able to have them and the saving in space.

Differences with respect to traditional dumbbells.

The main difference between the two types of dumbbells is:

In the adjustable , as the name suggests, allows you to adjust loads on the fly without having to change dumbbells. The discs located at the ends that provide the load are not fixed.

The main disadvantage is that in the long term the loads may not be sufficient as we gain strength and experience in certain exercises, which usually require greater loads to achieve the same stimulus.

The not adjustable already have a set weight. If we want to increase or decrease it, we must change the dumbbell. The discs attached to the bar are fixed. You need to use a different dumbbell each time you want to modify the weight.

Benefits and advantages compared to another type of dumbbell

  • Adjustable dumbbell sets allow the person to have a wide variety of options when selecting the appropriate weight for the exercise to be performed.
  • The space saving What it means to have to have only one piece. Especially for people who have limited space in their homes and can be used quickly and comfortably.
  • They allow the adaptation of all physical conditions thanks to the use of progressive loads.
  • You will not need to have a dumbbell with each corresponding weight, in the space of one, you will be able to have all the weight variations you want.
  • E at home or at the gym, use them in the places you prefer. . You can transport it with you if you prefer to use your own equipment.
  • It is also ideal for training outdoors
  • hygiene training with our own equipment: it is more hygienic, due to sweat and humidity in gyms. Bacteria proliferate in greater quantity and we can count on our own dumbbells.
  • We will be able to train in a much more flexible schedule : when training at home or wherever we choose. We will not depend on schedules that are established externally. On many occasions they are an obstacle for busy people.

The exercises.

The adjustable dumbbells allow you to perform all kinds of exercises as if they were traditional dumbbells. You can perform a large number of jercicos for each muscle group.

Some examples are:

For upper body: dumbbell row, alternating bicep curl, hammer bicep curl, lateral raises for shoulder, front raises, triceps, shoulder presses, openings or chest press etc.

Focus the lower body: traditional squat, sumo squat, Bulgarian squat, one-legged deadlift, etc.

The core or abs: include weight when performing exercises such as crunches.

Where to buy them.

In Tienda Bodybuilder we make available to all those who want to have their own material. There are different options available so that you can maximize and get optimal performance from your workouts.

If you have any questions, you can consult with our experts, through social networks, chat or comments to find those that are most relevant to you. adjust to your preferences.

What benefits do dumbbells give you?

Dumbbells are great for strength training, specifically for loading the skeletal system to improve bone density . They also challenge the muscular system to improve lean mass , metabolism, and ultimately function

Can you use dumbbells every day?

Although you may be tempted to use your dumbbells every day , remember that muscles need time, usually 48 hours, to heal between workouts . However, you can use the dumbbells daily if you target different muscle groups each day.

Are dumbbells effective?

Dumbbells are effective in terms of cheat activation and latency. If your goal is to build mass, focus on lifting heavier weights . In this case, it makes sense to use the dumbbell, especially for compound exercises.

What muscles do the dumbbells work?

  • Chest, shoulders and triceps. Compound exercises work more than one muscle group at a time.
  • Biceps. The biceps form a rounded mound in front of the large humerus bone in the upper arm when contracted.
  • The glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

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