What is the Body Pump? Group class guide

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The Body Pump is another of the classes that has become more popular in gyms. One of the main reasons is the approach of weights to all those people who rejected strength training.

Every time, the number of people who decide to opt for this sport is greater, since it combines the training of strength with choreography and music.

What is the body pump?

The Body Pump is a group class based on strength training, which works the whole body, including the muscle groups of both the lower and upper bodies, along with music, choreographies with exercises and the guidance of an instructor.

For many people, it is the ideal way to train with weights, but in a fun way and in conjunction with other people.


The Body Pump was born in New Zealand in 1990. Its creator was Phillip Mills. It began to gain popularity in Australia, and over the years it began to gain popularity around the world.

Today this sport is practiced in more than 80 countries.

It is an activity that anyone can do regardless of their physical condition, as it allows each exercise to be adapted individually. In case of injury, consult a health or sports professional.

Between each session, a minimum rest of 24-48 hours is recommended.

What is a Body Pump class like? Development.

The duration of a Body Combat class is usually 55 minutes. There are variants, express classes, lasting 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

In a class all muscle groups will be worked anaerobically, that is, with strength training. Once you enter the class you must take the necessary material: discs of different weights, a bar and a mat.

A class is divided into 10 tracks.

The first corresponds to a warm-up, with a duration of 4-5 minutes in which we will prepare the muscles for the subsequent work.

Central tracks: are divided according to the muscle group to work. Biceps, triceps, pectoral, gluteus, abs, quadriceps, calves etc. The number of series and repetitions varies depending on the established choreography.

The last track: before the end of the class, a series of stretches are performed to reduce tension of the muscles worked.

It is important to perform all exercises with the appropriate weights. Each person is different and must use individualized loads based on their abilities. (Recommended for athletes tb 500 kaufen) Over the weeks and months, we will gain strength and therefore we will be able to increase the loads.

Tips for your first class

  • The technique : it is normal at the beginning, if you have never trained with weights, not know the technique. The movements performed in a Body Pump class refer to the basics: deadlifts, squats, bench press, rowing … Correct technique is important, do not hesitate to ask the person in charge of giving the class. Light weight is preferable, but to acquire optimal technique, to move greater loads and suffer risk of injury. One option is to start using only the bars.
  • A towel and a bottle of water cannot be missing: it is important to stay hydrated throughout the class since they are lost with sweat mineral salts and electrolytes. A towel is important to dry the sweat.
  • Enjoy the class and the music : it is the fun of the group classes. Being able to train with people at the same time, trying to achieve a common goal can be very motivating.
  • The equipment: as for any type of exercise or physical activity, it is important dress in comfortable and suitable clothing that allows correct freedom of movement. Tank tops, short sleeves, shorts, leggings, etc., as well as sneakers that do not scratch and allow us to move properly. Some people decide to use gloves to avoid rubbing their hands with the bars.

What benefits does the Body Pump provide? muscle groups. It is a very complete sport.

  • The choreography changes every 3 months: enough time to learn and enjoy it.
  • The music is current, fun and entertaining.
  • Contributes to an increase in strength and muscle mass gain.

Who is it recommended for?

Is it recommended for all those who want to train strength, in a fun way and with a group of people. In case of injury or pathology, it is recommended to consult a health and sports professional beforehand.


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