Tips for eating healthy outside the home

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In our daily lives, even more so in summer, it is common to have meals away from home to socialize with our friends, family or celebrate events. When we lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a prescribed food or diet plan, it can be difficult to combine these types of events and not affect the achievement of our goals.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips so you do not have to give up these events and you can follow the planned as much as possible since it is not necessary to give up these events. Remember that enjoying food is important, but even more so about company.

As people are increasingly concerned about their health and are aware of what they eat, in most restaurants, Every time it is more frequent to find fit and healthy options that we can choose.


Choose a plate in which we prioritize proteins.

Trying to reach proteins, one of the most important macronutrients for athletes. Prioritize those dishes that have a protein source, now we will give you some examples.

Apart from contributing to the daily amount, it provides a great satiety which can prevent us from making other excesses with desserts, dishes to share etc. We are interested that, although we consume more calories than they would correspond, they are as clean as possible. One food will not have the same repercussion as another.

Examples of dishes that we can choose: those that have grilled or grilled chicken breast, baked, grilled or charred fish, meats such as entrecote, steak veal, etc., the one with the cleanest and least fatty cut

Don’t choose the fried ones, switch to grilled or grilled options.

We don’t just talk and refer to side dishes as French fries, We have dedicated a special section later.

If we choose an option which is cooked with the grill, grill, etc. we will save quite a significant extra calories. For example, we can choose fried or grilled chicken, the ideal option is grilled. Another example, would be squid or cuttlefish, we can choose instead of battered and fried, grilled.

Sometimes, if we do not have non-fried options, we can ask the staff of the site where we are since It is not usually a problem to cook it this way.

The side dishes: change the french fries for roast potato or salad.

Most combination dishes are usually accompanied by French fries as a garnish. That is not why we have to avoid the rest of the dish, since they usually accompany all kinds of meat and fish.

It is advisable to ask for a change for salad or roasted potato, since we will avoid all the extra fat and calories of the French fries, and despite, if we choose roasted potato, the feeling of satiety will be much greater.

The salad is a very good option, its caloric density is very low and we can also season it to our liking and control the amounts of sauce or oil that we want to add.

Order the sauce separately.

A great majority of dishes already come with the incorporated sauces. (The best fat burners Although we don’t care about it, they tend to be quite caloric.

In salads, a clear example, we can go from providing 200-300 calories to 700-800. Many sandwiches also have sauces, as well as meats, or even in pot format or on which they usually include.

To avoid an excess of sauce, and not having to give it up, we can ask that it be served separately . In this way we will take the amount we want and it will be more difficult to exceed ourselves. As a last option, despite not being necessary, we can take our own zero sauces that we have at home.

Vegetables, apart from being very nutritious, due to their rich and abundant content of minerals and vitamins, are very low in calories.

If we largely fill ourselves with vegetables, we will avoid doing so with other types of food. We can order a salad, grilled or roasted vegetables as a starter.

One day, it does not spoil the progress.

Nothing happens if you decide during that day, celebration, meal or event eat without worrying about what you eat or not. Just as eating well one day does not make you healthy, a bad day will not make you lose your progress.

Eating on many occasions is socializing, enjoying people and company. Food is secondary.

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